Lejoy By Kam Is Back

Better than Ever      

As an entrepreneur it's easy to get caught up in constantly working. Unfortunately, its just as easy to put work before everything, even yourself. I noticed I was putting my all into certain parts of my life and leaving nothing to put into myself. And let me tell you.. I was burnt out. I love my business so the decision to take a much needed break from LBK did not come lightly. So many thoughts ran through my head. Will my customers ever trust me again? What if there's no coming back? How will I come out swinging like I did the first time? Then it hit me- I won't be able to do or provide the best for my customers if I don't look out for me FIRST. So, thats what I did, for almost two months. Now I'm better than ever and so is LBK. 

What's changed? 

     LBK's mission remains the same: To offer women affordable and sexy fashion, quality customer service and fast shipping. Outside of that we have enhanced a few areas as well. For starters, the site has been complete revamped. Improved product descriptions, a blog, a larger variety of models, a handy chat box where most of your questions can be answered instantly and more! A few changes and LOTS of improvements! 

What To Expect Moving Forward 

     As the owner and operator behind LBK, my promise to you is to ensure you look and feel your best in the hottest fashions. LBK will work harder building a relationship with each and every one of you. With that in mind, be on the look out for quality content, weekly blog posts, IG lives, contests and so much more! And one more thing.. when it comes to new arrivals, LBK gone have them! 12/15
Thank you for forever being a #LEJOYGWORL, 
Owner, Kameron Lejoy 

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